Advanced Lead Conversion

Advanced Lead Conversion

Lead Conversion made simple

Over the past 18 months I’ve spoken with thousands of salespeople and I’ve heard the same frustrations over and over. It kills me how many of you struggle with the same issues when you just don’t have to.

  • Every salesperson I’ve ever known wants to close more of their leads– but they struggle with how to do it.
  • Every salesperson I’ve ever known is bombarded with demands on their time– and they can’t afford to waste it.
  • Every salesperson I’ve ever known gets tons of bad advice– and they struggle to understand what really works.

Say that with me– I don’t have to struggle with these issues anymore. Repeat it. Make it your mantra.

I have a core belief that knowledge is everywhere. In 2015, you don’t need another ‘special report’ containing ‘never before revealed secrets’. You’ve just got to tap into the right source, which is exactly why we’re hosting a special free webinar on July 30, 2015 at 2PM EST called Advanced Lead Conversion.

Our guest for the webinar is Chris Smith– if you don’t know him, you should. He’s internet famous, for sure, because he consistently delivers more value to his audience than they would ever expect. We’re setting the bar high for Chris because he can clear it. Easily!

Chris Smith Chris Smith is a co-founder of Curaytor and was recently named one of the most influential people in the real estate industry. His YouTube Channel (and popular web show/podcast entitled #WaterCooler) has more than 3.5 million minutes watched.

Chris has been a keynote speaker at every major real estate conference on the topics of digital marketing, customer service, mobile apps, social media, video production and emerging data trends and he is the co-author of the bestseller Peoplework.

His second book, called The Conversion Code is in the works now and will be available next year. I spoke with him recently about his plans for the book and asked him if there was any way he’d be willing to give us a preview.

He said he’d do even better and offered to do a webinar with us that’s totally focused on lead conversion. How awesome is that?

During the webinar, Chris is going to show us:

  • The five fundamentals of crushing your sales goals
  • The four keys to inside sales success
  • The 10 steps to a perfect call

If you commit to mastering the content in this session, you will earn more money immediately– not in six months or a year, but literally as soon as you put your new knowledge to work.

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