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Staying in touch with your database can be overwhelming

We all have those items on our to-do lists we keep putting off because they seem so overwhelming. Maybe it’s cleaning out your oven, or finally organizing your closet. Whatever the task, there’s always a reason to push it off for another day. Or month. Or year.

That’s how Judy Szamos, a real estate agent with HomeSmart Realty West in Southern California, felt about staying in touch with her database. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy reconnecting with people or that she didn’t realize how important it was. It was just so time-consuming, especially when she had clients with more urgent needs to handle.

“I was making mostly phone calls every three or four months, and I was finding it hard to keep up,” she said. “In fact, I stopped because I was disheartened due to how laborious it was. Plus, I wasn’t getting very much engagement.”

However, Judy didn’t want to give up on connecting with her sphere. After more than three decades in real estate, she’d worked hard to build up her database and she knew that staying in touch with them would lead to more business opportunities in the future. So, she turned to LinkedIn. She asked other agents there what they were doing to keep up with their sphere. Their Answer? Happy Grasshopper! Judy immediately knew she’d found the solution to her follow-up problems.

Happy Grasshopper helps Judy keep up with her sphere

Five years and dozens of emails later, Judy couldn’t be happier with her decision to sign up.

“Happy Grasshopper is my go-to marketing,” she said. “Every time I send an email, I get a minimum of five responses, and often one will lead to a transaction.”

Not only does Judy love the wit, brevity, and informative content of the messages, her sphere really enjoys them, too, and they look forward to receiving her emails each month.

“One email and 150 people in my sphere hear from me,” she said. “Easy!”

Judy’s so pleased with Happy Grasshopper that she’s recommended it to all the other agents she knows, including her broker (who now recommends it to everyone he knows). The ease of sending the messages coupled with the amazing customer service makes it a no-brainer for anyone looking to do better at staying in touch.

“In my opinion, nothing beats you guys,” she said. “I can’t say enough about how much your service has been helpful to me.”


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