Are your old real estate leads worth $90,000?

Brent Dalley’s were.

We recently ran into Brent at KW Family Reunion; he is a new user and team leader from Arlington, TX. He told a story we just had to share:

“Well, I’ve had 270 people unsubscribe from my first message, and I’ve gotten some hate mail.”

You might be asking yourself why I’d share that.

It’s because Brent is IN LOVE WITH OUR SERVICE!

From the 10,000 old contacts he re-engaged, he also received loads of happy replies from people who were glad he reached out. “I’ve gotten 15 deals. I’m going to end up making $90,000 in commissions from that one email.”

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There are leads sitting in your database who are ready to buy. If the fear of getting a few negative responses is getting in the way – listen to Brent Dalley. Re-engaging them could lead to $90k in your pocket by summer.

Do you have a pile of old leads? Want to make more money from your new leads? Wish you got more referrals from your database?

Schedule a strategy call with one of Happy Grasshopper’s e-nurturing experts. You’ll love what our personalized follow-up solutions can do with your old leads.

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