E-Mail Marketing’s BIG Problem

No one reads e-mail marketing

You may or may not know this, but e-mail marketing has a problem. Lots of them, actually. But the biggest one is this:


Do you want to know why? Because for years, we’ve all been listening to the same load of hooey about how to use it. We’ve all been trained to use a tool–that’s a really GREAT tool, by the way–in a way that makes people look away.

Think about it.

You open your e-mail and there’s a shiny, templated “message” filled with real estate facts, figures, data, testimonials about how great its sender is at his job, what awards they’ve won, and so and so forth with gobs of factoids that, really, no one is interested in. Would you be interested in reading that? Be honest.

One thing that salespeople seem to forget is that while they’re always ready to sell, not everyone is ready to buy. If you got a message filled with data about selling your home, but you weren’t thinking about selling your home at that moment, would you bother reading it? No way.

It’s time (get ready for a big, smelly buzz word) for a PARADIGM SHIFT.

linus It’s time to think about a new way to use e-mail. It’s time to use it in a way that nurtures your customers but doesn’t pester them. It’s time to use it in a way that keeps you and your business in their minds but isn’t pushy. It’s time for something simple, but something powerful.

That’s where Happy Grasshopper comes in.

How Happy Grasshopper can fix your e-mail marketing

Our e-mail messages contain no sales pitches. That’s right, NONE. They’re simple messages written around pieces of media–articles, videos, photos, and the like–that are relevant to the time they’re sent. They’re human interest pieces that help you start genuine conversations with them instead of trying to sell them something.

Doesn’t that sound like a message you’d rather receive? It’s not fancy, but it’s effective. Happy Grasshopper provides a solution to e-mail’s BIG problem. We’ll bet Happy Grasshopper can solve your big e-mail problems, too.

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