Farmer + Tiger = Unicorn. What?!

Understanding your role in business

Think about what life is like for a tiger. If you were a tiger, you’d lay around licking yourself and enjoying long, glorious periods of doing almost nothing. It may sound easy, but a tiger’s life is actually very stressful.

Sure, they’re 11 feet long, weigh 800lbs and are stone cold killers, but they still have to wake up in the morning and run down their prey, just like so many of us salespeople.

  • Did you know that dinner gets away more than half the time? (What’s your closing ratio?)
  • Did you know that two weeks will often pass between meals? (Not uncommon, sadly.)

Of course, the best salespeople (tigers) spend time sharpening their claws. They already have skills and know how to use them, but they want more.

Let’s be honest, Ben Kinney has earned his stripes. The Wall Street Journal listed Ben as a REAL Trends’ Top 1,000 agents. He is the founder of NVNTD, Home4Investment and a co-founder of Brivity. He’s not just closing 600 deals a year – he’s also creating and investing in amazing technologies to help you be more successful.

I love spending time with Ben because he always challenges me to bring my “A” game. He’s the kind of person who makes those around him better, and I’m delighted that we’ll get to pick his brain. In fact, send your questions for Ben here:

Click here to register for the webinar and we’ll teach you:

  • How to know when to pounce… (Behavior-Based Follow-up)
  • How to get your prey to come to you and ask to be eaten… (Inbound Marketing)
  • How to get your prey to bring their friends for dinner… (Referral Generation)

And… because we want you to stop living like a tiger (meal-to-meal/paycheck-to-paycheck), we’re also going to teach you how to hunt like a farmer. Think about it…

Farmers are great at:

  • Putting food on the table all year round… (Consistency)
  • Creating far more than they can possibly eat alone… (Abundance)
  • Using tools to make their work easier… (Leveraging technology)

This session is all about helping you get better. If you’re a farmer, great! We’re going to teach you how to sharpen your claws. If you’re a tiger, fantastic! It’s time to plant some crops.

Of course, the most successful salespeople are never just tigers, or just farmers. They’re both. That’s what makes them so special… they’re unicorns.


Check out this blog where you can re-watch the webinar.

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