From Skeptic to Evangelist: How Happy Grasshopper Made Chelsea Peitz a Believer

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“I Have 100% Confidence In Happy Grasshopper.”

Those are the words of Chelsea Peitz, Director of Marketing for Fidelity National Financial. Now one of Happy Grasshopper’s most ardent supporters and advocates, Chelsea wasn’t sure about us when she decided to try our Be Awesome With Email system.

How It All Started.

Some things are just meant to be. Chelsea met Dan Stewart, Happy Grasshopper’s co-founder and fearless leader, last fall when he was in Phoenix making a presentation to some other fine folks (who are now HG customers, too). There was something, she says, about his affability and his absolute, rock-solid confidence in his products that compelled her to take the system out for a spin.

“My job is to help REALTORS make money,” Chelsea says. “So, if there’s a new product out there, I’m going to give it a try to see if it’s got merit. I was a licensed real estate professional for 8 years, so I have a good perspective on tools that are worthwhile. My business is, and always has been, driven 100% by referrals; my Sphere of Influence is the core of my business. I was the perfect test case for Happy Grasshopper.” And so it began.

Chelsea and her team started beta-testing Happy Grasshopper. She’d listened intently to Dan’s claims about the system’s incredible response rates and its kicking-the-tail-of-the-industry standards statistics, so she set out to see if she could discredit them.

Guess what? She couldn’t. 

Chelsea sent her first Happy Grasshopper message and sat back, preparing herself for a big “thud.” When she started receiving notification after notification after notification of responses–actual REPLIES–to the message she’d just sent, she could hardly believe it. “Replies? No one replies to marketing messages! I was surprised, for sure,” she says. “In the first day, I’d gotten upwards of 15 replies to one simple little message. I was floored.”

“I had to tell my husband about it,” Chelsea went on. “He’s a salesperson and a skeptic about everything. And he never listens to me, even though my job is to help salespeople make money. Happy Grasshopper is a game-changer, I told him. Just humor me and give it a try, please. With a sigh and a roll of his eye, he agreed.”

Then came the phone call.

“Oh my GOD! You were right! You are the smartest person I know!” These were the words of Chelsea’s husband after he sent his first Happy Grasshopper message. “I got 25 replies in the first day! I’ve used Constant Contact for 8 years and NEVER had anything like this happen!”

“I reveled in that phone call,” Chelsea grinned. “Happy Grasshopper isn’t just helping to create successful real estate careers, it’s saving marriages, too!”

(Incidentally, that’s our new favorite endorsement.)

But there’s more! 

Chelsea, a few days later, was at a routine doctor’s appointment and was chatting with her physician. The doctor said, “I got the most interesting email from your husband the other day. It really got me thinking.” Chelsea was dumbstruck. An email message that she’d sent to help her start conversations with people in her Sphere ACTUALLY WORKED. 

Chelsea is a believer. 

“Happy Grasshopper’s messages are quirky, interesting, and different. People ENJOY reading them. Every REALTOR and other sales professional knows that you have to give your customers something that’s for them. Happy Grasshopper is comfortable, it’s easy, and our customers love it. My goal is to get each and every salesperson to use Happy Grasshopper. I have 100% confidence in Happy Grasshopper.” 


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