Get The Funk Up … With Nicole Nicolay!

Real Estate…More like Real Fun

What do you get when you take super-sharp real estate acumen, fold in a love for tech and WordPress know-how, and add a dash of tenacity & a splash of fun? My recipe might be missing an ingredient or two, but I’m pretty sure you’d end up with Nicole Nicolay.


When Nicole Nicolay’s around, you’re never far from a smile. Not only is being a gloomy Gus around her something that’s not permitted, it’s darned near impossible. A force of nature that exudes energy and verve from every pore, Nicole channels positivity better than almost anyone I’ve ever met. It’s this “je ne sais quoi”—the X Factor, if you will—that has her soaring in her life and in her business.

One of the things people think of first when they hear Nicole’s name are her signature “dance grams”: gloriously campy music videos in which Nicole often dances in her office chair (with or without her husband, Reggie) and sends to friends for birthdays, anniversaries, or for general occasions of awesomeness. She’s got a way with The Swim & The Running Man (she does a mean Sprinkler, too), to be sure, but if these were all people thought of, they’d be missing so very much more.


Since 2005, Nicole has been blogging & sharing her views on Real Estate and technology at That was just the beginning, though. Through that site, her voice became such a powerful & authoritative one that, when paired with her vivacious, highly danceable personality, she quickly became one of the most sought-after, engaging speakers in the real estate space. A frequent contributor at REbarcamps during their heyday, Nicole has been a featured speaker at the National Association of REALTORS® Annual Convention, Inman Connect NYC, RE/MAX International Convention, C21 International Convention, NAR Rocky Mountain Regional, BlogWorld & New Media Expo, REBlogWorld, and was hired by Inman News to be conference chair and emcee of their enormously popular Agent Reboot series.

Now, she’s the Chief Creative Officer at Agent Evolution, a company that specializes in creating custom WordPress websites for real estate professionals. With more than 1,100 custom sites under its belt, Agent Evolution has created three customized, responsive themes that were designed specifically for people in the real estate space and caters to a clientele of real estate professionals around the world.


When she’s not traveling across the country helping real estate agents learn how to work better, smarter, and more socially, Nicole can be found training for a  triathlon. Swimming, biking, and/or running as she fearlessly competes—and yes, that’s 140.6 miles of grueling competition, folks! She thought it’d be something that’d just be “this side thing” she did, but has come to realize that training for the event is almost a full-time job all on its own. But she loves it. It’s become that thing that drives her and something that’s ignited her passion in a way that she hadn’t expected. You cannot stop her, no. You can only hope to CONTAIN HER.


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