Happy Grasshopper: You’re Not The Only One That Doesn’t Get It

It starts with a conversation

We don’t get many complaints from our customers. That’s something we’re pretty proud of here at Happy Grasshopper. Happy customers getting great results are what drives us. There are some folks, however, that simply “don’t get it.”

Joe Lucci didn’t “get it”. Until he did.

Joe is a cool dude. Like many of our customers, he’s a REALTOR®. He’s also a financial planner, helper of people, lover of beaches, and all-around good guy. Oh! And he’s a triple espresso man (so we know he’s serious). If you haven’t met or talked to him, you really should; he’s been in the business for more than a little while & he’s someone from whom we could all learn a little bit.

But even still … he didn’t “get it.”

You see, Joe is a collector of online things. Apps, websites, shiny Internetty goodness. Via that path, he made his way to Happy Grasshopper and signed up for our service. He couldn’t quite wrap his head around why the service would work, but decided to give it a try regardless.

Joe started to notice something strange.

Every time he sent a Happy Grasshopper message, his inbox was filled with messages and conversations with his customers. “I always seemed to be involved in 20 or 30 conversations,” he said. “I thought, ‘Huh. This is pretty cool!’” That said, Joe still didn’t “get it.” So much was this the case that in spite of the fact that he was having all of this response and conversation from his customers, he decided to cancel his account (WOMP WOMP).

Then something even STRANGER happened.

Joe was perusing his email one day and found himself talking to someone with whom he wasn’t just having a casual conversation, this was a person who was a verifiable, ready-to-go, on the money LEAD–one of the best he’d had in some time. He began to think about where this lead had come from, and began to do some backtracking through his email to find its source. Guess what he found? Wait for it … this is where it gets good.

Lo and BEHOLD!

That’s right. The lead had come DIRECTLY from one of Joe’s Happy Grasshopper messages. What do you know about that? Suddenly, light bulbs and bells and all sorts of things were going off in Joe’s head. And suddenly, he GOT IT. You see, like so many people who’ve been in sales for a long time, Joe had been schooled in the ways that “things have always been done” (as well as in the ways they aren’t). Happy Grasshopper’s model wasn’t one that fit the traditional mold, so to his mind, it wouldn’t be effective. But it is. As soon as Joe realized that, he immediately reactivated his account and now? He is a BELIEVER. 

If you’ve been a skeptic like Joe–if you don’t “get it”–we invite you to give our little service a try. Quiet, friendly, and unassuming, we guarantee it’ll have a big effect on your business. If you’ve got a story about your experiences with Happy Grasshopper, we’d LOVE to hear them!

But wait! There’s more! This post comes with BONUS storytime (and at no extra charge)!

Relationships COUNT … because it’s a small, SMALL world (I promise I won’t sing that darned song). 

I never cease to be amazed by the ways in which so many of the people I know–people who are seemingly unrelated–are connected.

When I called Joe for our chat, his caller ID displayed “Annapolis, Maryland” (this is where I’m based). He thought, “That’s strange. That’s where I grew up.” We chatted about the odds of such a coincidence and laughed. Then things got ALL small up in here. I mentioned that my former in-laws own a real estate company here, but I didn’t mention its name. He asked if I knew a particular broker in the area. She had given him some sage advice years ago and it had stuck with him. As luck would have it, not only did I know her, but she was, in fact, my mother-in-law.

For the record, I love it when stuff like that happens. Not only is it fun, but it puts an exclamation point on all we do here.

Relationships are what Happy Grasshopper is all about: from Tampa to Annapolis to San Francisco to your town, it’s conversations and relationships, not selling, that really get the job done. Give us a try today. You’ll “get it” and will love it, too. We guarantee it.


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