How This Agent Went From Getting Silence to Getting Responses

If you send an email and no one responds, did you really send it?

Tom Catlin, an Austin real estate agent with Houses of Texas – Keller Williams, had to wonder. Although he wasn’t always as consistent as he wanted to be, he was still doing his best to send out messages because he knew how important it was to stay in touch with his database.

And what were the results?

“I was getting silence more than anything,” Tom said. “The automated messages I was sending weren’t very well-received.”

The lack of responses coupled with the day-to-day distractions that come with running a business meant something had to give. And, unfortunately, reaching out to his contacts was what ended up on the back burner. Does that sound familiar to you?

Then, when Tom was attending Family Reunion for Keller Williams, he stopped by the Happy Grasshopper table. He’d heard about the service before but wasn’t sure what it was all about. Once he’d eaten one of the signature HG chocolate-covered crickets (“better than a Kit Kat”) and talked to a few team members, he knew he’d found what he was looking for. Finally, there was a fun and unique way to stay in touch with his database that wouldn’t require carving out extra hours in his already jam-packed schedule.

How did using Happy Grasshopper make a difference?

Immediately after he began sending his messages, Tom could see a difference. Suddenly, people were responding to his emails.

“They’d write back and tell me what I’d sent was funny and, best of all, that it sounded like me,” Tom said. “That’s what I really enjoy.”

Now, whenever he sends a message, he can count on a high open rate and a number of responses from people who not only look forward to receiving his emails but also want to set up a time to talk with him. When you consider how many emails are competing for your attention in your inbox right now, that’s pretty impressive!

Aside from the content of his messages, Tom is also thrilled with the level of support and coaching he’s received from the Happy Grasshopper team. Whenever he has a question, someone is always there to answer it. That’s why he never hesitates to recommend Happy Grasshopper to his colleagues who are looking for a better way to stay in touch.

Curious about whether Happy Grasshopper is right for you? Click here to take our quick assessment, or give us a call at 855-232-9077. We’re looking forward to helping you turn your contacts into contracts.

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