Learn How to Become the Top Agent

If you work in sales, you’re probably used to people who talk a big game. Visit any real estate office in any city, town or ‘burg and you’ll find an agent who claims to be Number One at something

number sale agent

Learn how to be the best, from the best

On our next webinar, I’m interviewing someone who actually is El Numero Uno– and not just of his office, but the entire state of Minnesota. His name is Kris Lindahl, and joining us for an hour of deep conversation just may be the best investment of time you’ll make this year.

That’s a strong statement. But I know Kris Lindahl. And I see in him the same drive, determination, passion, and impatience that I’ve seen in my first hand encounters with Joe Torre, Dallin Larsen and Richard Mulholland.

Far too many of us spend our time second guessing our actions. We’re locked into negative ‘what if it went wrong’ thinking and don’t get to see our ideas realized. Kris, in contrast, takes massive action to see his ideas to fruition. If they work, GREAT. If they don’t work, GREAT – he’ll know what not to do next time.

His relentless passion, work ethic and intelligence have allowed him to go from zero to over 400 transactions per year, in just 6 years. Do the math…he’s closing 1.09 sales per day, every day of the year.

Please join me for a very special webinar with my friend, and client, Kris Lindahl. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of:

  • The 5 activities that will get you to the top
  • How to leverage technology that will take you from zero to hero
  • Why winners recruit more winners


Watch the webinar here.

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