Making Money with Social Media

Katie Lance (@katielance) – CEO & Owner, Katie Lance Consulting, Social Media Strategist

Michael McClure (@professionalone) – CEO, Professional One Real Estate.

Robert Watson (@TopBrokerOC) – VP, Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate (CA), Inc.


What is working?

Facebook – working to help agents connect with their hyper-local market*Social media is working for agents to help them achieve top of mind status with their networks.

Tip – Trulia Voices will help you connect with your local market.  Check out questions that people are asking in your market.

If you aren’t a content creator, be a content consumer.

Facebook and Twitter are a great places to meet local people, ask them questions, content on their content, and make friends.  People love to have an audience, provide that for them and they will love you for it.

My take: Social media is a huge space, it can be really time consuming and I think a lot of people get started, quite early, and waste a lot of time in the process.  Before you spend a lot of time do this.  Everyday for a month spend 15 minutes.  Search for a link for interesting content about your niche.  Keep a spreadsheet of these links.  Next, spend 10 minutes everyday and comment on 3 people in your spheres posts on Facebook.  If you stay with it after a month, this strategy will work for you, hire a pro to help get your accounts set up properly and get started.  If you can’t find another strategy.

Social media is relational, not transactional.

If you aren’t in it to be a marathoner, it won’t work for you.

As an agent, you should be generating leads 80% of the time.  You need to have a plan for this, you need to have objectives, you need to keep those objectives in front of you, and you need to keep those objective in front of you daily.  Keep doing the things that work, eliminate the things that aren’t.

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