Great Tools for Real Estate Agents on Google

Google has great tools, most are FREE!

Here are a few must haves for agents.

Picasa (FREE) – Photo tool

  • Group Resizing
  • Group Renaming
  • Add to Google Maps
  • Make a collage
  • Add to Facebook
  • Post to YouTube Movies to make a quick video

Google Voice (FREE) –

Gives you visual voice mail that you can get in your email!

Google Latitude –

Use to locate your team, kid, wife (you may want to reconsider this one.)

Google Sync (Calendar) – 

Let’s you sync your iPad, PC, phone — your calendars and others.

Shorten urls and lets you track click throughs and QR codes.

Google Maps –

Add listings you want to show, send map to buyer, send map to buyers car if they have nav star.  They can then use the map that you have produced to look at the neighborhoods by using street view.  Having them use the street view really saves a ton of time and can help eliminate some listings.

Google Power Meter –

If your power company supports this app, you can monitor the power usage in your home and show clients power usage in a home they are considering.

Google Alerts –

Set up your name and business along with other phrases you want to stay up to date on.  Google will email you every time someone posts about it on the web – this is an awesome tool to monitor your reputation, listings, and what is going on in your market.

Google Places –

You need to promote your business here.  This is what will put you on the map search.  You can search for your business, claim it and add to your listing or create a new one.

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