Pro-Tip: The Best Email Signatures are Simple

We know what’s running through your mind. As you craft the perfect email signature, labor over your picture placement, and choose the most attractive color combination — you want to make sure it convinces everyone to work with you.

You may include your long list of accomplishments and certifications. Your tagline will most definitely appear by your photograph, and you’re thinking about showing how high you rank among area REALTORS®.

It’s a lot of information to cram into a small space!

We understand the agony a signature can cause as you try find the perfect placement for each item, and we want to clarify something:

The best email signatures are simple.

The Purpose of an Email Signature

When you email a contact, they care first and foremost about the content of the message — THAT’S what provides value and sets you apart. The signature stands as a reference point for the message — who it’s from, what they look like, and how to reach them if needed.

On the other hand, if your signature is overdone, people may think it’s too salesy and move on. Even if you deliver your signature as an attachment, people often get confused about what it’s for. Why not avoid those aggravations all together?

How to Make the Best Email Signature

To avoid that trap, keep your signature simple. Make sure your phone number and email address are easy to read. Display a clean photograph of yourself. If you want to include a tagline, keep it short, and if you have a website, link to it.

If you really want to display your credentials, you can always include a “Credentials” link that leads readers to a landing page with your rankings and certifications. That way, the people who don’t want to see it don’t have to, and those who do can find it easily.

If you need any help with your Happy Grasshopper signature, reach out to us at or check out our custom signature builder. We’ll give you the advice you need to have a great end to every email.

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