Pro-Tip Tuesday: How to Maximize the Value of Your Open House Leads

Don’t Worry — We’ll Take Care Of These For You Too

Open Houses are one of the best ways for real estate agents to get in front of buyers. The leads you gather at them are priceless because you’ve already met face-to-face. You’re now a human being to them.  We understand, often the people you meet at open houses won’t be ready to buy for a little while…but that doesn’t make them any less valuable for your business.

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So what’s happening?  Why do so few buyers ever hear from the listing agent after an open house?

We understand that it can be a hassle for real estate agents to follow up with each lead individually. That’s why we’ve created an email marketing solution in your Happy Grasshopper Position-Me account. If we haven’t already synched it with your account, you can reach out to to do so. Here’s how it works:

1. Single Contact Upload:

Instead of loading the contacts you’ve gathered into your email system, load them into Position-Me. We’ll prepare a tag just for your Open Houses, and you can identify the contacts accordingly.

2. Readily Available Message:

We will provide an editable template you can use for each open house you host. You will be able to fill in a link to further information on the property, as well as links to similar homes available.

3. No Copying & Pasting:

When you click “Send,” all of those leads will receive the information. You won’t have to re-write the message multiple times.

4. Relax. Sit back. Wait.

We take it from here. The email drip system will automatically send your personalized, targeted email messaging to them over the following months. They will learn why you’re a phenomenal real estate agent, and see that you care enough to follow up until they’re ready, even if it does take a few months.

Now, what are you waiting for? Stop letting those Open House leads fall by the wayside. If you’d like help preparing an open house message and incorporating it into your account — or to learn about any of the other features — let us know.

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