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Late in 2009, the Wall Street Journal had a story called “Why Email No Longer Rules.” This started a fierce discussion about the validity of the topic. The argument was clear and easy to understand. Social was here, it’s instant, personal and it scales.

Although, social did initial dominate email, it wasn’t what was killing it. Email began to die because it hadn’t evolved, it needed innovation. So how does a typical real estate agent, title rep or lender bring innovation to their email marketing?

Email Marketing Challenges

Many people claim they understand the importance of email marketing and follow up. However, the overwhelming response when we talk to others in the industry about email marketing is concerns about time and money.

Happy Grasshopper is here to help you with these two challenges. Using their email system helps you leverage their team’s skills, which allows you to stay on top of what you do best. Getting deals to the closing table. Time is a precious commodity, spend it on income-producing activities; leave the email writing to the pros.

The added benefit for marketing with email is it keeps costs low. However, many agents, and other real estate professionals, are concerned with the cost of outsourcing. Happy Grasshopper solves that problem too with affordability and a pricing scale.

Build Better Relationships

Happy Grasshopper’s team of professional writers creates friendly, fun, relationship building email messages for you. They send the message to you for approval, and then deliver them automatically. Gone are the days of forgetting to keep in touch.

Their testimonial page is covered with agents from across the country talking about responses and open rates to the emails. What this translates to is better relationships and referrals. Happy Grasshopper helps start conversations and build sales relationships through these short e-mail messages.

The great thing about the service is it’s customizable, and 100% branded with your marketing. If you are tired of the automated market update drip campaigns, this might be a solution for you.

Question Of The Day:
What has been a more effective marketing tool for you, email or social media?

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