Real Estate Recruiting and Retention: Brokerage Essentials Simplified

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Get Ready to Own Your Recruiting Process With Effective Email Messaging 

Liv Real Estate is a brokerage in Edmonton, Alberta whose t#1 priority is amazing customer service so they choose Happy Grasshopper

The most difficult part of building a successful business is finding the methods and practices that work for you and propel your success forward. When you identify your purpose and options you are ready to own your real estate recruiting process with effective email messaging. We touched on the topic by telling you how we helped Liv Real Estate, now we will take you a little further into the special sauce you need.

No matter what kind of business you are building, you will have a need to connect with other people for that business to succeed. Whether you are the ice cream vendor driving around in the summer, or the CEO of a mega-corporation, every business depends on people in some capacity. This is especially important when you are recruiting real estate agents as a managing broker.

In real estate, we depend on people in numerous capacities depending on your position within an organization. As an agent, you have to connect with consumers who have, or will have, a need for your services. As a managing broker, you need to connect with agents who can make your office successful and help you attain the sales goals established by your bosses. To achieve those goals, those bosses need to identify the best managing broker candidates. The food chain in real estate can be fierce, highly demanding and extremely stressful.

How you go about finding those people to engage with demands your attention to detail and creative solutions. The approach and method can determine your entire career and how successful you become. Recruiting real estate agents for a managing broker isn’t an easy task, but it also doesn’t have to be particularly difficult if you know where to focus your energies.

It isn’t what you do, it’s how you do it.

What matters most in recruiting is how you approach it. The key is you have to approach it. A survey conducted by Imprev Inc., a Washington state-based provider of integrated marketing tools, of 260 real estate brokers on the Eastside of Lake Washington, outside of Seattle supported additional findings of the National Association of REALTORS.  The statistics show that 40% of all REALTORS are 60 or older and that 1 in 4 is age 65 or older.

“The real estate business is aging out,” said Imprev CEO Renwick Congdon in a statement. “Broker-owners and other top real estate executives are under pressure to find new talent.”

Many of those surveyed said that recruiting agents is harder now than it was a decade ago. Some notable comments included broker complaints such as “[some companies] are attempting to just put ‘butts in seats’ by giving away the farm as they attempt to recruit agents without paying attention to future profitability.”

Getting to the meeting is the goal of a good real estate recruiting campaign with happy grasshopper

Where Culture and Quality Meet In Real Estate Recruiting

The best recruiters already know they need more than headcount. Rather than simply filling an office with warm bodies, they are committed to adding people that are a cultural match. As Dan Stewart, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Happy Grasshopper, says “It’s not about the split, it’s about the fit”. The fit becomes more of a matter when you consider training and experience.

There’s been a noticeable decline in the quality of training in some markets throughout the United States lately. A regional broker noted off the record that due to some areas now permitting managing brokers to cover more than one physical office, the supervision of newer agents and even experienced agents have declined significantly. Research is being conducted but there are some indications that there is a correlation with a rise in E&O claims in those same markets.

What’s a broker to do? Balance.

How do you balance quality recruiting with quality retention? We all know it costs more to recruit an agent, but when we have those top-quality professionals who know what they are doing, how do we keep them from being recruited elsewhere? It’s a fine balance between the two. With Happy Grasshopper it’s easy to manage both

With our custom campaigns, we allow our clients to free up more time for quality engagement with their office members and automate the recruiting process. There are a few things a managing broker can do, and they are important. You don’t need to find more time in your weekly schedule, nor do you need to with these tips. In fact, with these tips, you have “found time” in your schedule, how? Automation.

  1. Focus on your current agent pool. Don’t neglect those agents already in your office. It can be difficult to keep a relationship fresh, or even nurtured when you are pulled in so many different directions. By using an email campaign customized for your office you can keep in touch with your own agents. It’s essential to keep nurturing those relationships to avoid the “Burn and turn” which allows them to be recruited elsewhere.

  2. Use a custom real estate recruiting campaign to automate the outreach. It’s tough to nurture new relationships and build rapport, but once you have made contact with an agent you are interested in recruiting you simply add them to your database and our system does the rest. Rather than spending 3 hours a day on recruiting emails, calls and follow-up, you can focus that time on the follow-up to get that appointment and close the agent.

  3. The magic for both is in the messaging you use to stay connected. Sending the right message at the right time is important. Little touches go a long way. Sending handwritten cards on special occasions is as simple as 1, 2, 3 with the HG system.

Together we get the success you want in real estate agent recruiting with email messages and Happy Grasshopper

How do we do that magic we do at Happy Grasshopper?

We begin with an assessment of your business culture and standards. To create an effective campaign, our copywriting team first must understand the qualities a top candidate will possess to be successful. The assessment process reveals a brokerage’s relative need for qualities such as skillset, technical proficiency, local market knowledge, ability to work virtually, and the candidates desired goals for growth and development. We want you to find the ideal fit for the forever match.

Whatever combination of skills and culture is necessary to make your brokerage more successful, we’ll help you find it. Our writers will make sure your campaign will be written to help you evaluate each potential recruit. By engaging them in conversation on the topics most critical to your success, you won’t only attract the right candidates, you’ll repel those that won’t jive with your culture. Our team at Happy Grasshopper creates a customized email campaign that will start the recruiting conversations with the agents who best match your needs and fit your culture. 

Ready to go? Take this assessment to see what’s next in the process.

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