REALTORS® Need Different Email Marketing Tactics

Sphere Vs. Leads Email Marketing for REALTORS

REALTORS® know that their database is an essential component to their success in the industry

Staying connected with their contacts will lead to new business and exponential growth because it establishes them as likable, active professionals in their community.  The best way to start working with contacts is to begin with an understanding that they are not all created equal — different categories of people (based on how you know them) need to receive different email marketing approaches.

It’s easiest to keep it as simple as possible and break contacts into two pools:

The Sphere (People who know you)

New Leads (People who don’t know you)

The imperative difference that guides the dichotomy between the two is that the Sphere already trusts you, and when those people are ready to buy, they’ll come to you.  The New Leads, on the other hand, don’t know you, don’t trust you, and have no reason to choose you over anyone else (yet).

Here’s a simple guide on the best way for REALTORS® to approach these two groups with their email marketing.

For Your Sphere

Your sphere doesn’t need to be marketed to.  Because they know and like you, you’ve practically already closed their next deal with them, so long as they remember who you are.  Most of these people probably don’t need a REALTOR® right now, but if you stay in communication with them, the moment they are ready to buy a house, they’ll be calling you.  

Unfortunately, if you’re sending them marketing materials, updates on the real estate market, or other real estate content – you really aren’t keeping in touch or communicating with them.  You’re broadcasting something they’re not interested in, instead of listening to them or providing content of value.  What they like about you is YOU.  So, even though you’re a REALTOR®, communicate like a person who wants to foster human connection.

Open Rates Data

Not sure what that looks like?  Search through your old emails and look for the last thing you sent to your best friend.

Here’s an example:

Email from a friend

Subject Line: “Something Fun”

It isn’t “marketingy” at all.  That’s how you know it’s going to be good.  The best thing is, you don’t have to come up with something brilliant or catchy — simple will achieve flying colors for you.

Content: “Saw this and thought you would like it”

It’s short.  It notates that we know each other, saying at the bottom,  “Saw this and thought you would like it.”  First of all, that’s a fragment.  And you better bet I opened it and enjoyed the email. There’s no perfectly crafted syntax here — it’s simple, interesting content that was shared simply because we’re friends.

Link: Unsolved Mathematical Problems.

It’s something super interesting.  If a 30 minute YouTube video of unsolved mathematical problems makes you excited too — here’s the link. You can share it with your entire sphere and take the credit for yourself!  

If “nerd-centric” real estate isn’t your niche as a REALTOR®, that’s okay.  You can find the right content by looking at the interesting things YOU’VE shared and enjoyed over the past few weeks.

Basic subject lines, relationship-centric content, and interesting information are triggers for conversation — it’s the best email marketing tactic REALTORS® can use to keep in touch with their sphere.

Now, if you’re a REALTOR®  trying to create email marketing for a not-so-nerdy niche market, skim through your past emails and find the funny videos, thought-provoking articles, and inspiring messages that you’ve been sharing around to your friends.  Collect the different pieces and set up a drip campaign that shoots out one message every 3 weeks —the best keep-in-touch timeframe — and write a very short 2-4 line message introducing the information.  

Click “Send.”  Sit back.  Watch your friends and network engage with your email marketing for the first time.

For New Leads

New leads are a little more complicated (and so much fun when they convert).

You do have to introduce yourself.  Remember that at this point, they don’t know you, and you blend in with all of the other REALTORS® whose email marketing consists of how to perform an MLS search.  

To begin to establish trust, let them know how you got their contact information with a short message (don’t forget to write an effective email subject line).  Send something like, “Hey, thanks for registering on my website” or “I received your inquiry from Trulia.  I’ll be working on compiling the information you asked for — are there any further questions I can answer for you today?”

The next step is to let these leads know who you are and why they should work with you.  Before you write one word, determine what it is about your service that’s different from everyone else.

For example, say you’re Charlie Chaplin and you’re funny.  You bring an interesting perspective to the table by lightening the stress when you have to point out problems with your client’s dream home. That’s the information you’ll want to share with your prospects.  Here’s an example:

SUBJECT: Your Real Estate Transaction

Hi Dan,

“I’m Charlie Chaplin and I’m the funniest REALTOR® you’ll ever meet. As we look at house after house, I’ll point out the things you don’t want to deal with down the road, so you won’t make a poor purchase…but I’ll keep it lighthearted & have other options ready for you.  It’s all about information and perspective — and I”m going to protect your interests first.

All the best,


Charlie Chaplin, REALTOR® just positioned himself as the REALTOR® consumers are looking for.  He explained a reason they should work with him: honesty, expertise, and a pleasant experience.  He knows more than his clients, and he’ll share that insight because he wants them to be successful.

Now the leads are starting to get to know Charlie.  He’s definitely a little different and quite a bit more thorough than the agents who keep telling them to create an MLS account.

Most people only reach out to new leads once or twice – and it’s usually a simple “check out this listing and give me a call” – just like every other REALTOR® out there.  But for an agent’s email marketing to show that they’re different, they have to tell their leads why they’re better.  Ask yourself what will you do for them and why will that benefit them?  Once you know, write about it in your email marketing.

Two or three such messages will establish you as a professional who offers phenomenal service.  They create a platform for why the recipients should pay attention to you, and after sending them, you can switch the new leads into the same kind of messages you send your sphere.  

Talk about your favorite restaurant or a great local park.  Show your personality and who you are as a human being – and the people who like your personality will respond.  The initial messages introduce you, and the “keep in touch” messages show that you’re the communicative REALTOR® and great person you say you are.

If you need any help with connecting with your sphere or communicating with new leads, of course, we can do that for you. 

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