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The best way to send email.

We’ve DONE IT.

We’ve uncovered THE TRUTH.



Really. It’s true.

Or not.

Look. There are gajillion “studies” out there, performed by people with impressive-sounding job titles like, “social scientist” (and so on and so forth), that talk about the precise study of when to send an email for maximum effectiveness.

Wanna know something?

It’s all a lot of bunk. Crap. Detritus. Excrement.

When’s the best time to send an email? WHEN YOU DECIDE TO SEND IT. Sure, test out different times to see when YOU get the best results, but honestly. There is no “best time” to send an email. To assert otherwise is to spout a lot of hooey.

The real problem with email and it not getting opened has bupkis to do with what time you sent it. It has to do with it being patently uninteresting. If you want people to open your email or even to (GASP!) respond to it, make it worth reading. 

When you sit down to send an email, ask yourself this question: “Is this something I’d want to read?” And answer it honestly. If you say, “YES!” Then, by all means, send away. But if you say no? Well. Rethink what you’re doing. Write something that you’d actually open yourself.

This is the whole reason Happy Grasshopper exists, you know. Happy Grasshopper’s whole job is to create great content that your contacts will ACTUALLY READ (and we even send them for you!) It’s not rocket science, no, but it’s darned effective. Sure, it goes against everything you’ve ever been taught by CRM companies and the great and powerful “THEY.” But you know what? Sometimes THEY are wrong.

There is no right or wrong time to send e-mail. But there sure as sugar is a right message to send: the one that gets read.

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