The Secrets of the Happy Grasshopper Power User: Maximize Every Email

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We have a confession. Certain Happy Grasshopper users have hacked our email system. They know the insider secrets on how to use it to their advantage, and their results range everywhere…from gaining new listings to receiving the grand title Happy Grasshopper Power User!

Because all Happy Grasshopper users are created equal, we need to even the playing field and share those insider secrets with you too.

Here are the 5 Steps to becoming a Happy Grasshopper Power User:

1. Customize each and every email.  
We provide the subject matter, the articles — the basic content.  Go through and revise every email to sound like something you wrote. #Authenticity

2. Add P.S. Lines to every email.  
These are the perfect spots to say “P.S. Have you seen my updated website?”  Or “P.S. This new listing is perfect.  Know of anyone who might be interested?” #PSLinesRule

3. Use Happy Grasshopper to send market updates.  
We don’t recommend using market updates as a crutch for your B2C communication, but when you mix it into a healthy balance of personal messages and relationship building, a market update is one powerful tool.  Click here to use our template. #InformationMachine

4. Show a headshot of Y-O-U in your signature, instead of a logo.
This is a relationship business, so foster those relationships with the #1 sign that you’re a Human Being, not a brand.  Plus, what’s not to love about a picture of your smiling face? #You’reAwesome!

5. This is the scariest, riskiest…and most Power-Plosive tip of them all: Share your own content.
Last week, you saw an amazing article about the story behind a historic building in your town.  Or maybe you watched a video of a bear twirling in circles on a golf course.  Whatever it is that grabs your attention, send it to our Happy Grasshopper Power User Support, and we’ll craft it into an engaging message just for your database. #YouHaveThePower

Now, the power is in your hands.  You know the path to joining the ranks of the Happy Grasshopper Power Users.  Take it. It’s your time to shine.

If you have any questions, email us at

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