Webinar Replay: Maximize Your Database

We know you probably don’t have an hour; these 5 clip notes will get you right to the good stuff: 

12:00…...The most critical thing Ben thinks you should be doing for your business.

23:38…...The number one concern among marketing professionals is…

35:50……”Who should be in your database,” you ask? Dan and Ben have the answer.

47:00…...Get Ben’s script for creating engagement over the phone that will get people motivated.

50:00…...Find out how often Ben keeps in touch with his database.

Dan and Ben’s Steps for Maximizing Your Database:

1. Organize 

It’s time for spring cleaning! You’ve got contacts in your database. It’s time to get that sphere in gear! Half of the battle when it comes to maximizing your database is figuring out how to sort through them to boost efficacy. In the webinar, Ben and Dan discuss how they’ve successfully organized theirs and how you can too (it’s simple, we promise)!

2. Communicate 

Alright, so you’ve got these contacts nice and organized. What next? Well, you have to talk to them! This is critical. Ultimately, it boils down to crafting impactful, relevant messages that stick. In order to do that and get the kind of leverage you want, you’re going to need some sort of system in place to communicate with your database.

Not sure how to get started? Happy Grasshopper creates custom content to make communicating with your database a breeze. Set up a FREE strategy call with us this week to find out how we can make your life a little easier.

3. Engage 

Last, but certainly not least, ENGAGE. Dan and Ben walked us through how to lock-in people in your database by engaging them. Engaging your database will give you the leverage you need to make sure next time your clients are looking for a service, you’re the person that comes to mind.

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