We’re Some Thankful Grasshoppers, We Are.

Giving Thanks

Here at Happy Grasshopper, we’ve much to be thankful for.

It’s been a big year for our happy company in scads of ways, both big and small. So as we usher in the Thanksgiving holiday and make ready to send ourselves into the annual tryptophan-induced food coma alongside family and friends, it seems fitting to pay homage to those things that have made this year so very special.

  • We’re thankful (in no particular order) for …
  • Crickets! Yep … those “cousins” of ours, many of whom have gotten themselves covered in chocolate and become snacks for our more daring customers, have offered us more than our share of laughs.
  • New stuff! We’re super-excited and super-thankful for new ideas and are super-proud of our new products, HG-Recruits and Position-Me, and the opportunities they’ll offer to our customers.
  • New “family” members! The new things up there have made us pretty busy ’round here, so we were able to add some new folks to our team. For Jason, Heather, Angel & Kris, we couldn’t be more thankful.
  • Recognition! One of our proudest moments this year was being named by Housingwire as one of their Top 50 Real Estate Tech Solutions (to say that we were bubbling over with pride about that would be a gross understatement).
  • Taking online relationships offline! Much of what we do involves talking to our customers and industry folk on various portals across these here Internets. But something truly magical happens when we’re able to take those online relationships and turn them into real-life friendships. For the folks we met this year at RETSO, REX 2013, Inman Connect SF, and NAR Annual (and so many other places), we’re thankful for YOU. And we can’t wait to meet the rest of you, too!
  • Great co-workers! We really are like a little family here at Happy Grasshopper. It’s true! We laugh together, ponder life’s mysteries together, get on each other’s nerves a little, support each other, and swell with pride when we do good stuff. Having folks like that in your life is a good thing. THANKFUL!
  • Our families and friends! Without the support and love of our friends and family, we might all go a little bit crazy. They cheer us on, foster our growth, put up with our nonsense, laugh with us, and love us unconditionally. None of what we do would be possible without them. We are deeply thankful for and love them.
  • Technology! I mean, really. How cool are the things we get to work with every day? Computers! The Internet! Smart phones! Web cams! Whizzers! Google Hangouts! Thingamabobs! There are so many goodies that make our jobs and lives so much easier (and more than a little fun) and we are thankful for THEM (yeah, we’re dorks over here … indulge us a little!)
  • And finally …

YOU! You guys, our customers, are who we do all of this for and it’s you that makes our jobs and all of the fun we have here possible. You guys are the backbone of Happy Grasshopper and for your unending, enthusiastic support, we are more thankful than we could ever say.

We wish each and every one of you the very happiest of Thanksgivings, send you wishes for a delectable feast, and time spent with the ones you love most. We’re off to do the same with our friends & families, and we’ll be back at it after the holiday.

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