What Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know About Digital Advertising


It’s Not Easy

I recently sat down to make a few changes to our digital advertising efforts at Happy Grasshopper. It was frustrating…

First, I logged into Google. Then Facebook, then Unbounce, and then JotForm. Next I had to go into our calendar software and CRM, and then I had to make sure they were all working together. It was very easy to get lost, or lose my place, and I had to start over more than once.

If you work in real estate and you’ve ever wished there was a “make it work” button for digital advertising, I’d like to introduce you to Adwerx.

It’s getting easier

You know how sometimes you visit a website, and then you’ll see ads for it for the rest of the month? Those are retargeting ads and Adwerx invented a way to let you do that in about 3 clicks– anyone who’s done it before will tell you how amazing that is.

Unfortunately, that’s only half the battle. You’ve still got to come up with a concept, find or create the graphics, and then test and measure to optimize your results. That’s why we’re holding a special webinar with the CEO of Adwerx, Jed Carlson.

If you’re a real estate agent who is serious about using the internet to help your business grow, you’ve got to register for this special event. You’ll learn:

  • What digital advertising is?
  • How and why retargeting works?
  • How to use it to advertise your real estate business?
  • What makes a digital ad click worthy?

I’m super excited to share my conversation with Jed. He’s smart, dedicated and an expert at bringing your real estate business more exposure.

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