Zapier: Making Happy Grasshopper Easier Than Ever

Connect with Happy Grasshopper in a Zap

Happy Grasshopper is proud to be integrated with a pretty awesome list of of applications & tools that help you amp up your business.

One of the newest (not to mention one of the coolest) is Zapier.

What’s Zapier, you might ask?

Put simply, it’s a free service that integrates the services you use with the other services you use. If you’re a gmail user, Zapier can connect it with DropBox. If you use HighRise, Zapier can connect it with Google contacts. And now, if you’re a Happy Grasshopper user, Zapier can connect your account with other services you use, such as Follow-Up Boss. Pretty cool, right? SUPER-cool, actually.

We had a chance to sit down and talk with Wade Foster, Zapier’s co-founder & CEO, about how they started, what Zapier does, and why we’re all really excited about the integration between Zapier & Happy Grasshopper. We mentioned it was cool, right?

Zapier was founded in October 2011, in the same way lots of companies get started. They saw a need that the founders, themselves, badly needed to fill and that no one seemed to be doing anything about.

Similar to IFTTT (if-this-then-that), a service that enables customers to connect channels with personally created or publicly shared profiles known as “recipes”, but for business rather than personal use, Zapier allows you to take one of its integrated services and make a rule or a “Zap” for how it talks to another service.

In the case of Happy Grasshopper, if you have contacts that are in your Follow-Up Boss database, you can have them sent directly to Happy Grasshopper, so those contacts get the nurturing attention they need and deserve (how it works is pretty awesome).

Wade told us, “Yeah … in my former life, I was working at a mortgage company and ran into problems like this all the time. I needed the various services I used to talk to each other, but there was no way to make that happen. I’d search through user groups and find comment after comment after comment–some that were as many as four years old–that showed people screaming out for a solution to this problem. So, we created Zapier and now have more than 250 services that we can connect for our users.”

Zapier makes sure data is where you want it, when you want it.

“Our customers make what we call a Zap that says what they need to happen,” Wade said. “From there, we do the rest. We make sure the data from one service is connected to the data in another. It’s great because not only have we figured out how to make these connections and tap into the APIs of all these services, we’ve done something that saves our users a ton of time and, by extension, a lot of money, too.”

If you’re looking for ways to make using Happy Grasshopper even easier, pay Zapier a visit. The service is free to use and its setup is super-easy. There are no developers to hire, no outrageous fees. Zapier is, put simply, an easy solution to a problem that plagues lots of people. Give it a try today & make your Happy Grasshopper happier than ever.

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