Chris Brown and Matt Fagioli on Technology and Success

Approach your day with the spirit of helpfulness. – Chris Brown, Certified Mortgage Planner

Chris has become a trainer and resource for the agents he works with.  It gives him exposure, helps agents succeed, and has grown his business dramatically.

Technology should help you build better relationships.

You need to focus on your highest and best use in your business.  If you draw 3 circles, one with things you like, one with things you are good at, one with things that make you money.  You should only be doing the things that show up in all 3 circles.

Tip – Make a list of the 3 things that if you don’t do them you will be out of business n 90 days.  Your technology needs to make you more efficient at these things.

We all have strengths and weaknesses.  If you spend your life developing your weaknesses, at the end of your life you will end up with really well developed weaknesses.  Develop your strengths. Build a team that allows you to capitalize on each others strengths.

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One takeaway – even though we have more and more technology, you have to build relationships.

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