Drip + Social + Personal = AWESOME.

Katie Lance, we’ve read your post, and we agree on a lot of things — but we think your title might be misleading to agents and could potentially cause them to drop one of the most powerful tools at their disposal: automated email marketing (i.e. “The Drip”).

We want to preface our response by saying that we are a huge fan of yours.  You’re an incredible teacher, and the knowledge and insight you provide is second to none for those looking to add social media and relationship marketing into their business.  Our point here is to share a different side of the coin when it comes to email drip marketing.

No one wants to be marketed to — we agree wholeheartedly.  In fact, we bet that if 100 focus groups studied whether or not consumers liked to see commercials, receive direct mail, or view advertisements on their favorite blogs…every person would say they didn’t want the marketing, (aside from those billion-dollar budget Super Bowl ads, that is).


Nonetheless, businesses desperately need it.

We appreciate that you explained you aren’t against drip marketing per se, so long as it is mixed with a combination of personal and authentic acts.  We agree that this is a relationship business…but not wanting to be dripped on?  Who does?

No one wants to receive marketing.  Just like medicine, the notion of “want” isn’t the point.  The fact is, whether or not someone would raise their hand asking for them, email drip campaigns are effective.  In fact, they’re the most efficient, cost-effective, and productive form of marketing real estate agents can use.

No, automated drip campaigns are not 100% authentic.  They weren’t meant to be — but they don’t diminish relationships either.  With tact, they can brighten someone’s day…and at the very least they keep the sender top of mind, which has tremendous value in of itself.

Email drip campaigns are easy for small businesses to use, even when other marketing portals are beyond their reach.  They’re a lot like drip coffee — not always glamorous, but cheap, easy, and often essential to get the gears turning.

We too support communication through a myriad of platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest — but they miss people.  Not everyone is engaged on these platforms.  On the other hand, email is the best way to catch almost everyone with a message.  It can even be a personal message, or one that provides direct value to the recipients through humor, inspiration, or helpful information.

Like you said, drip marketing isn’t a silver bullet that replaces personal phone calls, handwritten thank you notes, and the occasional drop-by — but titles like “I don’t want to be dripped on” can send the wrong message to real estate agents, especially from an influential person like yourself.

What about this instead: “Don’t stop at the drip: a personal touch goes a long way to deepen your relationships.”

Then, bring in those five beautiful points you presented on vendor recommendations, sharing articles, private messaging, social media posts, and client celebration as an extension for a now bullet-proof communication stream.

The New Equation?  Drip + Personal + Social = AWESOME!

What do you think?

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