What happened when this agent said NO to the next “Secret System” and found success with an Old School method for closing more business?

Sometimes, the “Secret System” is not worth it

When Suzanne Bruner got her real estate license in 2011, the phone calls and emails started immediately.

“Everyone and their mother was contacting me to tell me about their ‘secret system’ that would make me a millionaire,” recalls the agent from Glendora, California. “It was so ridiculous.”

Coming from a marketing background, Suzanne was already well aware of the importance of keeping her name in front of her sphere. She worked hard to keep her database organized so it would be easier for her to reach out to her contacts. And yet she still found it a challenge to follow up with them. It seemed like there was always a more pressing need, and her best-laid plans to reconnect would quickly end up on the back burner.

“I’m pulled in so many different directions,” Suzanne said. “There are distractions every day.”

Aside from not having the time to devote to follow up, Suzanne also struggled with not knowing what to say in her messages. And then there was the issue of actually remembering to send them! She worried she was missing out on potential sales opportunities. So when she heard about Happy Grasshopper, she knew she’d found the solution to her follow-up problems.

Happy Grasshopper’s Old School method works

From her very first send, Suzanne knew she’d made a great decision.

“Right away, I was getting responses from people I hadn’t talked to in quite awhile,” she said. “Happy Grasshopper has been the best thing I’ve signed up for so far.”

Not only does Suzanne love the fun and friendly content of the messaging, she also appreciates the fact that they send automatically. She can focus on handling the immediate needs of her current clients while knowing she’s also staying connected to her database.

“Happy Grasshopper has been a pleasant surprise in the sea of solutions offered to real estate agents on a daily basis,” she said. “It’s really helping me build and grow my business.”

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