Evernote, EverSmart, Ever … STACEY.

If sunshine were a Realtor

If you’re in Real Estate and don’t know the name Stacey Harmon, you’ve really missed out. The good thing is that this is easy to fix. She’s a bright online presence & simple to find and follow. That’s something you should do RIGHT. NOW. It’s OK. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

::tap tap tap::

Got that? Good. You now have an extra shot of awesome in your daily dose of digitized goodness.

I’ve known Stacey for a long time and have been the fortunate recipient (one of a great many) of her highly tuned strategies about using Facebook and making it a real, viable force in the marketing strategies of real estate professionals.

But that’s just the start.

She’s up to more–so much more–than just that. Stacey Harmon, my friends, is on a mission to help people get things done. She knows that every single person–not just REALTORS® or business people, but PEOPLE–needs better organization and she has a plan and a passion for helping them get there.


What fuels Stacey’s passions–and what has stoked her already roaring fire for productivity–is Evernote. A brand ambassador for the tool, she says it’s something that has, quite literally (and hey, I’m an English person; that’s not a term I use unless I mean it), changed her life. Evernote, she says, has become the hub of both her personal and professional lives, has become irreplaceable for her productivity, and has made it possible for her to work from anywhere, which is a boon not just for her, but for her clientele, as well.

The stars at night are big and bright (CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!) deep in the heart of Texas! 

Stacey is a new Austinite, freshly relocated to the urban core of the weirdest (and yes, the residents take that as a compliment) city in Texas after spending most of her life in Southern California. Though she’s still unpacking boxes and getting things “just so”, she says it’s Evernote that’s helped her maintain control over a project as massive in scope as a near cross-country move. “It’s allowed me not to miss a single beat,” she says.

What if you could take that sort of organizational power and put it to work for your business?

Stacey explains how the Evernote platform will help you get organized (and stay that way), network better, and show them how being digital is the best way to be more effective now and in the future. She talks about how social tools (that are, incidentally, complemented by Evernote and its associated applications) are NOT “time sucks” and how, provided that you’re using them smartly, they can dramatically impact your business to make it better, stronger, and more efficient. In short, she gives tips about doing things in business and in everyday life that will produce RESULTS. And really? What’s more important than that?

As someone who suffers from “OOH! Shiny!” syndrome, I can’t wait to hear what Stacey has to say next. Who’s going to join me?

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