Helping Heroes, Achieving Awesome. That’s Abby!

Encountering Awesome

You know, my job is really cool. I get to talk to all kinds of neat people, learn about what makes them tick (and sometimes what makes them laugh), and then I get to write about them. I love it more than a lot.

One of the reasons it’s so terrific is that I get to meet people like Abby Waltz. Abby is, in no uncertain terms, FULLY awesome. Ostensibly, she works for a real estate relocation company. That’s nice, to be sure, but you might be asking yourselves, “What makes that so interesting?” 

Abby works for Homes For Heroes. THAT is where it gets interesting.

Homes For Heroes is a program that helps the our nation’s heroes–members of the military, firefighters, law enforcement officers, nurses, teachers; anyone who helps make our communities better, really–find new housing, offers them discounted lender fees through their affiliates, and (this is the super awesome part)? Homes For Heroes gives them 25% of the gross sales commissions, whether the heroes buy or sell or do both.

Spreading the word (and the awesome)

Since the program’s inception in 2001, it’s helped heroes save more than $2.6 million.

Not only is this program super-cool, but so is Abby, who’s tasked with spreading the group’s message. Wanna know how she gets out and about and tells people about Homes For Heroes? You do. Trust me.

She travels around, across, up, down, back and forth across this country in an RV. That’s right. She and her team (which consists of her and constant companion, Craig) go from city to city, talking about Homes For Heroes … and learning a lot about each other and life on the road in the process.

You can check out the stops on their “tour” here: 

Along the way, Abby’s had to figure out how to deal with some peculiarities. A self-proclaimed foodie, she says one of the best parts of going all over hither and yon is that she gets to try all kinds of new places she wouldn’t otherwise have access to. On the flip side of that, she’s also had to learn how to prepare gastronomic delights in a kitchen that’s, well … let’s just say that it’s itty-bitty. But that hasn’t stopped her! Check out some of the photos she’s snapped of the meals she’s prepared, as well as the folks she’s met, along the way:

Fun (and hilarious) fact: Because she’s always on the road, Abby’s had to learn to cut her own hair! I think she’s doing a FINE job. I don’t know that I’d be able to do it, but I’ll readily admit that I’m a sally about such things.

Abby Waltz is one of the most genuinely delightful people I’ve run across in my job. Fun, funny, smart, and doing some pretty special things for some very special folks. If you want to keep up with the team’s adventures, you can follow them at You can also get more information by checking out Homes For Heroes’ website.

This is a young woman that is full-on awesome. And she made MY day full-on awesome. That’s a lot of awesome.

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