How Better Lead Response Will Help You Sell More

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If your open rate were 667% higher than your competitor, do you think you’d sell more? We do.

A key metric most real estate agents use to determine if their marketing efforts are effective is the response or “closings” they get. At Happy Grasshopper, we know that is your goal, and we are laser-focused on helping you achieve the best ROI you can get by complimenting your marketing with the best targeted and tested content possible.

Sell more houses with great email marketing and lead generation campaigns from happy grasshopper

In sales, keeping in touch with prospects and clients is essential for building a successful sales career and keeping your sales funnel full. When you stop nurturing your database, your lead generation and funnel dry up quickly. The most essential part of that process (and the part that breaks down most often) is the content creation. After all, you’re a salesperson, not a writer— creating content isn’t the “highest and best use of your time,” nor should it be.

That’s where we come in. At Happy Grasshopper we’ve spent years fine-tuning, perfecting, and testing our content. Our process delivers 100% USDA** Prime Content. While many of our competitors import or offshore their content, we pride ourselves on our well-fed American writing staff. The results? A fat sales funnel, and a cornucopia of real estate leads for your sales.

We also pride ourselves on our uber-effective, quality content here at Happy Grasshopper and we never take it for granted. From time to time, we test our content against messaging from various competitors to see how we fare. Recently, we tested the lead response and follow-up campaigns for two of our funnels and the results were staggering.

Before sharing, we have to first apologize to the people who received the crap content (a technical term). It was somewhat ‘schlocky’ and may even have caused a cringe (or ten). We’re sorry! And we thank you for your understanding (and forgiveness). ?

Our regular content was secretly switched with decaf…

The details (wake up and read them):

Our CEO, Dan Stewart, secretly copied the follow-up campaign of a competitor that calls themselves ‘the best in the business’ and ‘the smartest guys’ in marketing. ?

He edited the content himself to make sure it was original, while remaining faithful to the content which ‘inspired’ it.* The emails were then sent out to some of the people who registered for our “Database Dan” funnel and compared to the people who registered for our “Healthy Database Checklist” funnel.

Here’s the data:

HappyGrasshopper 667 times more effective email lead generation

In case you’re not a data geek like most of us here are, let’s call your attention to a few things. Look at the difference in open rates—it’s staggering! According to Campaign Monitor and their email marketing benchmarks, the average open rate for real estate agents and brokers emails is 18.02%. For our industry (media & publishing) the rate is 17.58%—which, not to toot our own horn, but, *toot-toot*—just proves we really are killing it. Our members are, therefore, killing it. Why aren’t you killing it too?

Why we test.

We test to keep ourselves on our toes and to meet our commitment to our members to have the best content available, bar none. To deliver on our promises we take content creation very seriously.

Not using Happy Grasshopper to nurture your database? Take the Database Discovery Challenge and see how many new sales are waiting to be discovered in your database now.

TLDR:  Quality content wins. Period. You should hire Happy Grasshopper. Be Happy Like THIS Guy (below) when you hire us.

get happy with your email marketing and sales leads when you choose happy grasshopper for 667% better content

* No content was harmed during the making of this testing. All testing was under the supervision of an editorial review board. Names were not changed as the only name used was our CEO and he actually did revise, interpret, and edit the “inspired” content.
** The USDA does not monitor content creation (that we are aware of—maybe they should. There’s more than enough fat and fillers in there to put your database into cardiac arrest. Why pay for fat when you can purchase our lean content in prime fighting condition? Just sayin’.).

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