Kelly Mitchell: Entrepreneur, Caffeinator, Super-Soaker.

Jack (or Jill) of many trades

Kelly Mitchell is many things.

She’s a Hawaii girl. She’s a certifiable coffee junkie. She’s an entrepreneur. She’s a mom (and a grandmom!). She’s a developer. She’s one of Inman News’ 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate. She’s all of this and much, much more.

But ask Kelly what she really wants to be and she’ll tell you this:

She wants to be a FIREHOSE OF KNOWLEDGE. 

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think being able to spray the world (and the Internet right along with it) down with concentrated smarts is a pretty darned awesome aspiration.

I had the pleasure (and it was a delight, I assure you) to sit down with Kelly and talk with her about The Islands, real estate, Inman Connect, and taking the reins of her own destiny.

A very good place to start.

Kelly didn’t start out in real estate. Nope. Like so many others, she found herself at its doorstep after finding her in the all-too-common position of being successful in her job, but being categorically unhappy.


She roared into the world of real estate on a surfboard riding the crest of a Diamondhead wave and made a name for herself online just as the Great Twitter Renaissance (as I’m choosing to call it) was reaching its zenith. In fact, it was during the Hawaiian tsunami in 2011 that she and I first became acquainted–Kelly’s interaction online during the emergency provided information for which countless people across the globe were clamoring (something for which she’s often lauded).

The Mutha of Re-Invention.

But she found that selling real estate didn’t really satisfy her calling to create. So she took her love and enthusiasm for the industry and she reinvented herself (something she’s developed a real talent for over the years).

She and her team developed REcake, a mobile application development company that creates apps for real estate professionals and provides instant, effortless communication with consumers. From there, she created AgentCaffeine (and its younger counterpart, BreveTV), a podcast on which Kelly interviews thought leaders and has them share not just their successes, but also their failures (something from which Kelly feels a lot more practical knowledge can be gained).

Through her experiences and curiosities, Kelly offers tons of advice and inspiration for agents. Take a listen to one of the most recent episodes of AgentCaffeine via the link below. You’ll love it!


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