The Benefits of Social Media Management Services

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When you work in sales, you are always busy. The myriad of tasks you perform as a salesperson leaves you little time for social media. In today’s world, however, social media is becoming increasingly useful in marketing strategies. So how do you market on social media?

Ask any experienced social media manager and they will tell you that the benefits of social media marketing are almost too numerous to mention. Let’s touch on a few of the top reasons. First is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which involves content rich in keywords related to the things you want to be known for. Then we move onto reputation management, which means controlling how you are known. This leads back to SEO because it is about your reputation as a professional, and about managing anything negative before it could go viral.

Continuing on the quick social media marketing tutorial we explore a few more benefits of social media – let’s hit on the topic of social media management tools, of which there are many! Using these tools allow you to enjoy all the advantages of social media marketing by making it easier to manage all those different social media platforms and networks. But all that is for the experts- what about the mere mortals like the rest of us?

The best way to add it to your strategy without eating up all your free time is to sign up for a social media management service.

Give Your Brand a Friendly Face

expert social media management from happy grasshopper The best salespeople know how to relate to their customers. Social media is a great way to show your human side so that customers see not just a business but an actual person who understands their needs. Avoid just posting about sales, throw in some jokes, memes, and some holiday posts to give your brand a friendly, human face. The goal here is to create an opportunity for conversation with your audience. Remember- it is all about engagement. Think you are ready to market on social media, patience Grasshopper you’re almost ready.

This approach is similar to how we write our emails for our Pro clients, who get customized emails that are written in their voice with their preferences, nuances, and tone. You want to ask questions and try to get a response. A great way to do this is to identify a niche interest you have (such as knitting, sailing or stamp collecting), and then focus on that.

Follow a general rule of 80/20: 80% of your messages should be promoting other people in that niche, talking about or to those outside your business. The other 20% would be sharing your own content, or things related to your professional expertise. You want to subtly remind people of what you do, and be certain to include that in your bio. Be approachable, be positive and be human.

This can be tough to do in a limited time frame, but with social media marketing management services, you get it all done for you! Just sprinkle in the added interaction a few times a day for 5-10 minutes. Ready to make that call for our help yet? No… keep reading.

Keep a Consistent Online Presence

social media brand made easy with happy grasshopper The best marketing strategy is to be visible, and there’s no better way to stick in your customers’ minds than to maintain a consistent online presence. With your busy schedule you can’t always do that, so investing in social media management services can provide a significant boost to your customer interactions online.

These services typically have a focus- since you are dealing with professional social media marketers- who are often influencers in their own right. They know how to make you stand out and achieve your goal of lead generation with the added bonus of growing your database.

Reach a Wider Audience

With the advertising capabilities of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can reach a wider audience than with other marketing strategies. An expert social media manager will know just the right way to get your content in front of the right people.

Contact the team at Happy Grasshopper at 815-232-9077 today to discover how social media can improve your sales game. It can’t be any easier to market on social media than with us.

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