The Complete Getting Started Guide for Your Happy Grasshopper Account

The idea behind Happy Grasshopper is simple - it helps you keep in touch with your friends, family, and sphere by starting conversations for you.  Instead of sending constant promotions, we provide interesting content that people really enjoy, and written for you and sent by you.

As a salesperson, you remain top of mind with the people who will need your products and services at some point…even if it’s not now.

This is a comprehensive guide on getting started and achieving ongoing success with Happy Grasshopper.  If you have any questions along the way, email

sending the right message with the right subject at the right time is what we do at happy grasshopper

How to get the most out of Happy Grasshopper

Getting Started

  1. Upload Contacts
  2. Create Your Signature
  3. Send Your First Message
  4. View Reports and Update Contacts

For Ongoing Success with Happy Grasshopper

  1. Editing Emails
  2. Statistics to Expect
  3. When You Get a Negative or Confused Response
  4. Categories
  5. Social Media Support
  6. Converting New Leads and Growing Your Team.

1.  Upload Contacts

  • When you log into your account, the first screen you’ll see is the control panel.

  • To upload contacts, click “Upload Contacts.”

  • You can upload your contacts from an Excel spreadsheet, enter them manually, or contact to have one of our team members do it for you.

  • Our system has many options for how to upload the contacts - whether it be by entering them manually, importing a database file, or syncing your address book.

  • If you’re overwhelmed on who to enter into the system, start with twenty people you’d like to keep in touch with.  As you see how they engage and you grow more comfortable with the system, begin to add more of your peoplebase section by section.

2.  Create Your Signature

  • When you log into your account, under “Settings” in the left sidebar is an option called “Edit Email Signature.”

  • You can upload your current signature (or have our support team do it for you), or you can fill out the provided fields for the system to create one for you.  Should you choose the second option, you have the ability to use the signature we generate in your personal email account as well.

  • Whichever option you choose is included in the price of your account.

  • As a third option, for only $2, our team will create your signature for you.  Should you choose this third option, you have the freedom to use it in your personal email account as well!

3.  Send Your First Message

  • When it’s time to send a message from your account, our support team will send a notification to your inbox.  At that point, log into your account, click

  • “View / Edit Next Email.”

  • Click “Browse Emails” on the next screen.  Sort through the different messages provided, and when you find the one you like best, click “Approve.”

  • The message will send out to your contacts, and their responses will arrive directly in your inbox.

4.  View Reports and Update Contacts

  • When you log into your account, you can click “View Reports” in the Control Panel to see the open rates, click rates, and unsubscribe rates of each email that has been sent via Happy Grasshopper.  You can click on a specific message to see exactly who opened the communication.

  • You’ll notice that some email addresses bounce and don’t accept your messages.  That might be because the contact’s inbox is full or the address is invalid.

  • If you click on the specific message, you can view the activity of each specific contact and see whose information might need to be updated.  (See below: the data for “Return Policy” shows a bounced contact.  It would be a message that needed further investigation)
love what you do

For Ongoing Happy Grasshopper Success

1.  Editing Emails

  • We highly recommend adding personal touches to the emails, just to make sure they really look like they’re coming from you.  Adjust the wording itself as needed, and if you'd like to incorporate additional information, include a P.S. Line at the bottom of the message.

  • The P.S. Line is a great spot to say, “Hey, have you seen my new website?” and link to the home page.  You can also link to new blog posts or share updates with your company there.

2.  Statistics to Expect

Expect a 25% - 30% open rate with your emails.  We see on average a .06% unsubscribe rate - and the first email that you send will most likely have a slightly higher unsubscribe rate.  Monitoring your unsubscribes is a great way to identify which contacts wish to be communicated with in a different way.

3.  When You Get a Negative or Confused Response

Because we’re human, there’s no telling how someone will take receiving a hilarious video in their inbox.  If one of your contacts asks why you’re sending seemingly random content to them, don’t panic - it’s a great opportunity to connect.

Here’s a templated message you can tweak to respond to those inquiries:
Click here to access a few different response templates that you can tweak and use for your recipients.

If you get a directly negative response of someone enraged or clearly upset that you would send interesting content to them, reply with a short apology and immediately unsubscribe them from the list.  In fact, if that occurs, consider unsubscribing them from your list of prospective clients.  Imagine what will happen if you work with them and forget to send a piece of paperwork or have to break the news that what they want is out of their price range.

4.  Categories

You’ll notice when you go to select an email, each subject line has a different category next to it.  We recommend rotating through the category options - sending a “Fun & Friendly” message one month and a “Human Interest” the next.

Notice the option at the bottom of the list that says, “or - Click here to write your own.”  You can use this function to write quarterly newsletters or market updates.  While we highly recommend limiting the amount of business-oriented messaging you send to your sphere, once every few months is optimal.

with happy grasshopper you get more business from contact to contract from the people you already know

5.  Social Media Support

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  We provide interesting content on these platforms that you can share to people who follow your social media pages.

For new marketing ideas, follow us on Pinterest, and you can always learn new approaches from our blog.

6.  Converting New Leads and Growing Your Team

Your business is going to go through many different stages of growth.  Building referral business is one of the most important factors to growing your business to the next level, which is what Happy Grasshopper is for.

When you get to the next stage of buying web leads and expanding outside of your friends, family, and sphere, Happy Grasshopper won’t cut it.  Those people don’t know you yet - so we’ve created Position-Me to introduce you, explain why you’re a great professional to work with, and tell your story.  If you’d like to learn more on why our approach is effective.

Finally, when you have too much business to handle on your own and you need to expand your team, we have HG Recruits.  The custom campaign is written to attract those who will be a perfect fit for you, have the same values and will offer the same great service to your clients - and the results are pretty phenomenal.

If you’re at one of these stages, let us know at (727) 232-9117.  

We’ll customize a solution just for you.

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