Who Says Serious Business Can’t Be Fun?

Sell more by not selling

Since the dawn of time, salespeople have been trained to sell … ALL THE TIME. Sell at work, sell in your messaging, sell to your friends, at your coffee shop, at the grocery store, your gym, your mom’s house … you get the picture.

I’m not sure who’s great idea this was, but really? It’s not so great.

First of all, who wants to be sold to all the time? Certainly not this writer, and neither do any of the other humans I know. I’ve got loads of friends who are salespeople and the ones that get my business are the ones who don’t do that.

The people I remember most are the ones who tell me a joke, make me smile, and that talk to me like I’m a person they want to get to know, rather than a number with a target on her head. That, friends, is what Happy Grasshopper is all about.

Meet Jessica.

Jessica is a salesperson (her name has been changed to protect her innocence) and you know what? Jessica was FRUSTRATED.

She was frustrated because she wasn’t getting anywhere with her online marketing. She was sending an email newsletter, but it got a weak response. It took forever to create it, it never really sounded like HER, it had a low open rate, and most importantly, she almost never got replies.

Jessica needed a hug.

And one day, she got it. She got a much-needed hug in the form of messaging from Happy Grasshopper. And Jessica, coincidentally, got HAPPY.

She’d found an easy way to keep in touch with her customers without being all “salesy”, she was able to set up her account in about 5 minutes, she had a team of helpers who wrote and sent messages for her (messages that her friends and customers absolutely loved), her open rate nearly doubled (DOUBLED!), she was getting tons of replies, and she was making more money!

Jessica got HAPPY. Happy? It’s possible that flowers actually started growing under her feet as she walked (it’s possible, too, that this last bit is an exaggeration).

Jessica might be fictional, but her results aren’t, and neither are the results of all those great people who had such nice things to say in that video (the one that you definitely, definitely watched, right?) Those are real Happy Grasshopper customers, with real success stories, and with a whole lot of real HAPPY.

You can get happy, too, you know! All you have to do is take the HG Challenge.

Here’s how it works. Give Happy Grasshopper a try; you’ll get one send FOR FREE. Here’s the catch: you have to USE it. You actually have to send a message. You’ll get replies; we guarantee it. If you love it–and YOU WILL–you can sign up for our service for just $99 per month.

THAT is the HG Challenge, and it’s our way of helping you GET HAPPY.

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